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The broker preview of the property up for sale is very similar to the office review but with some notable differences. First of all, the broker preview is open for visit by all members of the local Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Most agencies would hold the broker review within the first ten days after the property has been listed, usually shortly after the initial office review. Keep in mind that this is a secondary meeting and there have been a lot of new property listings meanwhile, not all agents attend the secondary broker review meeting and you may not get the same turn up as the primary office review meeting.

Usually the main agent who is moving things along for you, will entice the other members of the local MLS to come along and hear them out. The owner that being you, can also have some useful input and assist the agent in persuading others to show up. Urban legend has it that nothing lures an estate agent like some free food so some catering might be in order for the dealings to commence. Part humour, part reality, the story goes that estate agents have been at it for years and have seen it all so try and make the free food interesting and appealing, the usual sandwiches found in the local grocery store will not strike a chord with many estate guys.

Now of course, if the property in questions is a lucrative deal, the agents will show up regardless of whether or not the freebies are worth it. Not sure about real estate gourmet needs, but one certain way to attract more interested buyers is to keep the property nice and clean while the sale is on. The house won’t sell overnight so it might be a good idea to use professional cleaners to do a quick-over of the interior once a week. The local companies are well established and capable of handling all types of house cleaning, including pre-sale.

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