St. Valentine’s Day Around the World

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valentines-daySt. Valentine’s Day is one of those sappy soppy romantic holidays that had been celebrated in the UK every year on February 14. Most British couples pay really special attention to that day, some trying to revive their relationships, other trying to make the bond stronger.

In the UK, people usually send love cards and letters to their partners. Commonly, most Brits write love letters even to their pets. The tradition involves young unmarried ladies throwing small pieces of paper with names of men written on them into the rivers. The first name which swims out is the man who the girl’s going to marry. So, we know our traditions, but how is St. Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world? Here are some traditions from different corners of the globe.


Here, Valentine’s Day is also known as “Sweet Day” because of the tradition where men consider their duty to give their beloved ones something sweet. Of course, they can give other presents too, but adding something sweet, such as candies or chocolate, is a must.


In the 30s of the last century a major chocolate manufacturer brings the idea of St. Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, Japanese continue giving chocolate gifts to their beloveds on February 14. A typical tradition here is the competition for the “loudest declaration of love” where a man or a woman who expresses his/her love the loudest into a microphone gets a prize. An awkward fact is that Japanese men get all the presents.


According to the legend, St. Valentine’s remains are buried in the Poznan Cathedral. Thus, many quiet Poles prefer visiting the Cathedral instead of making any fancy celebrations. It’s believed that the icon of St. Valentine, placed over the central throne, can do miracles and help people in their love life.


Here, boys send valentines to girls without writing their names on it and ladies should figure out who is the sender on their own. Another tradition in Denmark is sending dried white flowers.couple


Valentine’s Day is brought here in the 17th century by Europeans. In the beginning, men used to sent marzipan to their fiancées. Later, marzipan was replaced by candies with love message carved on them. In time, the tradition gets a few more changes and nowadays candies are packed in boxes with the shape of a heart.


Here is the beginning of the tradition love messages to be written on cards. French are also the first who started giving expensive presents to their beloved ones on February 14.


On February 14 boys should introduce his chosen one to his parents. However, this happens with a bouquet of flowers, thus it should present the appearance and soul of the girl at her best.


Here, sending a bouquet of red roses to women is a must no matter if she’s home or not.

Saudi Arabia

Believe it or not, Arabians don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s Day because it’s forbidden. Traders are not allowed to offer or sell valentines, teddy bears and any other things connected with this holiday. It’s even recommended flower stores not to offer or sell red roses on February 14. If someone decides to break the law, he will be ticketed with a fine.

There are different traditions around the world on celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. The whole thing is about showing people you care about, that you love them, no matter if it’s your partner, child, pet, parents and so on. So, February 14 is approaching. How are you going to show your love?Be my Valentine

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