Man Rescues Drowning Dog

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Random Acts of KindnessToday we’ll go to Brighton Pier, Victoria, Australia, where a brave man restored the faith in humanity.

This is the story of Sue Drummond who was taking a walk with her Shih Tzu Maltese, Bibi on a windy Sunday morning. Then Bibi fell from the pier into the water and Sue had nothing to do but look over the fence. Fortunately, a young man passing by saw the happening and decided to help. The young chef and part-time model Raden Soemawinata took off his clothes in an instant and jumped into the cold water. He saved the dog without thinking of the fact that he risked his own life. Later, Raden was awarded the Compassionate Citizen Award by Animals Australia for his “selflessness and bravery”. “Raden’s action in jumping into the sea in such wild weather to rescue Bibi was truly courageous and most likely saved the life of this little dog.” said Glenys Oogjes, executive director of the organization.

The whole act was documented by a Herald Sun photographer who has witnessed the heroic rescue. And here are some of the photos:

Bibi in the Water

Sue Drummon


Dog Rescuer Raden Soemawinata

Raden Soemawinata

Raden Soemawinata jumps of the pier

Raden Soemawinata saves Bibi

Raden Soemawinata rescues Bibi

Sue Drummond thanks

Rescued Dog Bibi

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