LG Smart Home or How to Control Your Appliances with Your Smartphone

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LG Smart HomeDo you hate vacuuming? Or often forget what you have in your fridge? Do you want your home to be clean and tidy before you get back from work? Don’t worry, it’s possible now. LG Electronics showed their new concept of Smart Home on the The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas. The system unites the advanced technology of sharing media content (SmartShare) and the built-in control capabilities of the household appliances (SmartControl). This way users have complete control over their household smart system.

LG-smarthomePeople who have this system installed in their home will be able to turn on the washing machine, check the inside of their fridges and even vacuum the floors while they’re outside their homes. Moreover, they will be able to control the dishwasher or oven while sitting on the couch and watching TV, thanks to the smart TV-set and LG’s remote control Magic Remote.

LG’s innovations in the household appliances can ease every housewife’s life allowing her control every appliance in the house easily without being at home at all. Dr. Anne Scott, a technology expert in LG Electronics, says: “SmartShare allows a variety of ways to share digital information between the devices, while SmartControl allows people to control all of their home appliances from one position using the application designed for smartphones and Smart TV-sets.” Controlling household appliances is easier than ever. After creating the NFC one-touch function, people can control their LG washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven or HOM-BOT vacuum cleaner using the interface of SmartControl application. It allows the users to control every LG appliance in their homes easily no matter where their location is. You can even give voice commands to your appliances in the house whenever you want and they will listen.

lg-smarthome2CES Innovation Award thanks to its intuitive interface and excellent features.

Isn’t this a great solution for all of your household problems? No more wasting time and efforts on house cleaning, no more annoying household chores, more free time to do what you want to do. Yes, it kinda looks like an old cartoon called “The Jetsons”, but think of it, wasn’t it great to see them how they control everything just by pressing a few buttons? So, the future is here and the technology definitely goes advanced and more user friendly, which is a pretty great thing.

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