How To Reduce The Time Spent in Home Cleaning

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There are numerous ways to reduce the time you spend cleaning your house and increase the free time you have to spend with your family. The easiest one, of course, is to call a cleaning company in your area and book them for a few hours while you are away at work, but if you want to save some money instead of doing it there are plenty of other options that you can take advantage of. Here are some tips to reduce the time spent in cleaning:

Set time – You can finish everything in 15 minutes if you limit your cleaning time in advance. Your list of cleaning must be flexible in case something goes wrong in the program. So you should be able to make compromises and last minute changes in your cleaning plan regarding the time you need to finish up with everything you need done. Decrease the time allowed each following time until you reach the optimal limit.

Establish priorities – Determine what must be done, what should be done and what would be good to be done. Get things done exactly according to this arrangement and forget the rest. Don’t pay attention to things that additionally appear during the cleaning process and that you also thought would be good to be done. Get back to them only if you have time.

Clean simultaneously do not wait for the previous task to be finished – This, of course, applies to things that are done by machines – you don’t need to sit and wait to do laundry before you start to wash the bathroom or clean the kitchen appliances. You can also easily wipe down the counters in the kitchen while talking on the phone.

Establish cleaning rules for your family – Teach your children how to fold laundry, how to clean with a vacuum cleaner to wash the dishes (or load the dishwasher) to make their beds or cook eggs for breakfast at least. Ask them constantly to help you with labor-intensive activities such as washing the windows, washing floors, dusting and stacking the cabinets, etc.If they refuse to do so tell them that they will be the ones to pay the cleaning bill out of their pocket money next time when you call to book cleaners South Kensington for professional cleaning services. That will have an immediate result and they will grab the broom and the hoover faster than you have ever expected.

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