Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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take care of your home before the winter has comeThe cold season is now very close and we want to make sure that our house is ready for the cold temperatures. If we want to spare ourselves a lot of nerves with some trivial problem, we better perform some checks before it starts snowing. This article will provide you with a small checklist that you should follow to be sure that everything is fine and working properly. This is also a good opportunity to clean your rugs and carpets in as you can find great deals during this period.

Roof and Chimney

Roof is the shield of your home and any problems with it might compromise the integrity of the building itself. This is why you should check for cracks and leaks before it start snowing, it will be too late for repairs and you might experience major headaches. First start inspecting the underside of your roof, if water has poured inside trough a little hole there should be sings for this on the inside, the wood might look swollen or there might be a different color in that particular area. If you spot something suspicious, make measurements so you can find the problematic spot on the outside a little bit easier. If you don’t have any experience in roof repairs I suggest that you call a professional and don’t test your luck. Now it is a good time to clean the gutters, an easy way to do that is by spraying water trough a hose, this will wash away any dirt and leafs.

Also if you have a fireplace, check the chimney before you start using it, more than one inch waste material on the walls means it is time to call the chimney cleaners. The compound which accumulates on the inside of your chimney is called creosote and it is flammable, it causes fires every year.

Does Your Home Loose Heat?

You want to be sure that your doors and windows are properly insulated and do not leak air. Fill with caulk all gaps on the inside which are wider than a width of a penny. There is an easy way to see if your windows and doors are properly insulated, just grab a lighter and watch if the flame is shaky. Then you can go on the outside and fill all cracks and holes with silicon caulk as it would not be affected as much by the cold weather.

Carpets Provide Additional Insulation

Carpets and rugs are adding to the comfort feeling in your home and keep your feet warm during the cold season but few people know that they are actually improving the insulation of a room. Apart from improving the softness of a carpet, the padding below is a great sound and heat insulator. If you are buying a carpet, select thick padding and this investment would return in the following years trough smaller bills for heating. To check if your padding is ok you can lift the carpet. This could also be fixed by carpet cleaners as most carpet cleaning providers in would perform such services. As you may know carpets should be deep cleaned once a year but you also have to vacuum them quite often. The best treatments for most cases are steam cleaning and hot water extraction as they not only detach dirt and dust from the inner layers of the carpet but also destroy all microorganism and pest. Another great procedure that is getting popularity is the dry carpet cleaning, it buffs cleaning solution and dry particles with very little moisture inside the carpet fabrics, this is suitable for carpets that should be be treated with water. A clean carpet would also improve the air quality in a given room, as it acts as grand filtering device.

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