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Home Cleaning TipsNowadays home cleaning and maintenance has turned into a burden to every woman, wife and mother. An ordinary women in these modern days is usually busy not only with household chores. She goes to work, takes places in different associations, rules a company, and sometimes even wears “the pants in the family”.

Unfortunately, men are still convinced in their old beliefs where a woman should do all the household chores that include cooking, cleaning, laundering, taking care of children and so on. Of course, some have realized that a modern wife can’t handle so much tasks, and started helping their women. But still there are so many unlucky women that have to handle with all these tasks. And this is an article for them. As a working mom, I have to deal with keeping my home clean, too. In addition, I’ve always hated those household chores like hoovering, doing the dishes, dusting, rubbing and scrubbing, and more, and more tasks. And for that reason, I’m hiring a maid to deal with all the cleaning chores in my house. That’s how I learn many tricks I’ve never heard before. And because I know that I’m not the only one, I’ve decided to share some of them here. So, here are the best household advices I’ve learned.House Cleaning

“Dry” carpet cleaning. This is an easy and effective method to maintain your carpet clean and good looking for a long time. Vacuum your carpet then sprinkle some baking soda covering the entire are of the carpet. Leave to work over night and vacuum again. This method removes odours and refreshes the colours.

Clean the microwave. Put inside your microwave oven a bowl full of equal parts of lemon juice and water, or vinegar and water. Run the microwave on maximum power for five minutes. Leave the bowl inside for about 5-10 minutes before taking it out then rinse the inside of the microwave oven with a damp cloth. This method can be used on regular ovens, too, but it is better to keep on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Mom CleaningClean the counter tops and chopping boards. You can rub them with a paste made of baking soda and water then rinse with warm water. Another way is to rub them with a half-cut lemon dipped in salt. This two methods will clean and disinfect as well as will remove the odours.

Vacuum every day. Of course, you don’t need to do it thoroughly. Vacuum the high traffic areas and the job is done. This way you will prevent dust build-ups and won’t have to dust every day.

Of course, there are more cleaning tips that ease every housewife’s life, but I’m still learning. So, I’ll come back with a bigger list next time.

My name is Lisa Header and I’m really grateful that you’ve decided to check our blog out. So, let me introduce myself shortly. I’ve used to be a professional house maid for several years before I’ve got a serious injury and had to stay at home for a while. That’s how I’ve decided to become a freelance writer to earn some money while staying at home, and a blogger - to share everything I’ve learned (and still learning) from life. I’m mostly keen on finding easy ways to do the household chores (yes, I really hate cleaning), crocheting, knitting, crafts and other DIY stuff, eco-friendly products and green living, travelling, and many, many more things. I love high places, different cultures, reading books and listening to some good music.

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