Five Types of Wooden Floors

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1. Unstained white oak floor – areas with natural white oak floors have a clam and relaxing ambience. Even more the white oak floors make an area appear bigger than it actually is, which makes this type of wooden floor ideal for small city apartments. At the moment the tendency is to combine white oak floors with dark toned doors and window frames.

2. Unstained herringbone – experts consider the herringbone pattern as the most beautiful wooden floor pattern. They even claim that herringbone floors become more beautiful as the time passes due to the fact that the wood tends to change its appearance from sunlight exposure and usage which will make the pattern of the floor even more interesting as nobody can predict exactly how the colours of the wood will change in the upcoming five or ten years. Herringbone floors can be made with any kind of wood.

3. Unstained white oak with grey – this type of flooring is ideal for contemporary and vintage spaces as the same time. Decorating areas that have white oak with grey flooring is very easy due to the fact that the wood has white and grey tones. The latest trend is to combine this type of flooring with white walls and grey doors and window frames.

4. Unstained white oak with black – just like the white oak with grey this type of flooring is ideal for both modern and classic areas. Properties that have white oak with black floors create a more dramatic environment. Nowadays interior designers tend to combine this type of floors with white walls and doors and black door casings and window frames.

5. Reclaimed wood floors – Reclaimed wood floors add a charming ambience to any room. This type of floor is commonly used in more rustic and retro settings.

Once you have chosen the type of wooden floor that you want to place in your home contact a company that offers wood floors installation based services. To find the coordinates of these companies type wood flooring London on your computer’s internet search engine.

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