Common Mistakes When DIY Carpet Cleaning

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DIY or Professional Carpet CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning a house most homeowners, prefer to manage tings on their own. I personally don’t understand why, when there are plenty of cleaning companies. Most housewives think it is an insult to their skills to call a professional technician. Actually if you think realistically, it is more favorably to do so, rather than do it yourself. Not only you’ll save time, but also you’ll ensure no accidents will occur.

You can easily manage the daily and weekly maintenance if you know what to do and don’t. If don’t take proper care of your carpet it won’t last. Since you’re not a heir to some rich family I assume you can’t afford to replace the mat every other year. Therefore you should know how to extend the useful lifespan of your carpet. I’ll give you some guidance in basic carpet cleaning and maintenance. You probably know most of the things, but there are some niceties only professionals know.

Why Is Vacuuming So Important?

All carpets have the ability to attract dust and grime due to the static electricity of th fibers. When stepping on it the friction between your feet and the carpet produces electricity. There are sprays you can use to reduce it, but the most important thing is vacuuming, twice a week if possible. I know you don’t want to, but consider dirt cuts through the fibers of the carpet like scissors. Furthermore grime works its way deep dulling and weakening the tufts.

How To Clean Stains Properly?

You probably know the most important thing is to deal with the stain the moment it happens. There are two types of stains liquid and solid. If you don’t panic, there is a good possibility to completely remove the spot. Get a clean, dry towel and blot the affected area, absorbing as mush as possible. If you’re dealing with the other type, scrub gently any solid particles. Next apply the appropriate cleaning product. Always test the detergent and start from the outside to prevent spreading the stain.

All detergents contain chemicals, some less than others. If you can, buy Eco-friendly and use as little as possible, because you can weaken the tufts. Don’t forget to blot, not rub, because even if it doesn’t seem so, carpet’s fibers are easily damaged. After you’re finished ensure the carpet dries fast, because mold can form on the padding.

Greetings to everyone who stopped by our blog. I’m Harvey Riddle - an adrenaline lover and a pedantic housekeeper. I don’t have a wife, so I keep my place clean on my own. As I love bungee jumping, paraplanerism and other extreme stuff, I love the adrenaline in cleaning as well. Now, you'll say "What adrenaline? It's just a house cleaning". It's not so right. Have you ever tried to clean your windows from the outside? I am a professional window cleaner and my passion is to clean the highest windows of tall buildings from the outside. That is what I call "extreme" cleaning. On my spare time, no matter how little it is, I write about the things I’ve learned and try to help people handle things easier.

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