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Cleaning before a dateInviting your date in to your home is usually a bad idea, however it is ok if you want to move your relationship to the next level. Until now you probably know enough to properly prepare for the event. This is the worst time to make bad impression as you probably won’t get another chance if you botch it. As you may know people judge about you by looking at your clothes and personal belongings. The same logic goes here too, your date will be looking at your home and will make a conclusions based on what they see. Then a reasonable question comes to mind: What do you want them to think about you? You can organize your home in a way to project the image that you want. Your house makes a statement about you, if it is dirty and cluttered than the same goes for you. Below I would discuss on how to clean your house properly before a date , what are the most important factors at play here?

Room by Room recommendations:


  • I don’t know if you are going to order food or cook it yourself but, it would be best if your kitchen does not have a bad scent. Having your dirty dishes in the thub is a bad sign, appart from the smell it makes a statement that you are negligent about hygienne.
  • If you have not cleaned your oven in a while, please do it. Maybe it would take some time but this is something that your date won’t miss to look at, so just do it and don’t ask.
  • Awful scent coming from the fridge has to be removed immediately and the only way to do that is to clean the whole fridge. This date could be a good stimulus to make a revision and throw in the food and leftovers that you are not going to eat.
  • Throw the garbage, this should be obvious thing to do but I’m mentioning it anyway.

Bathroom/ Restroom

 – Bathrooms are often areas for sexual play but a dirty mess there would definitely destroy the romance. Polish it, go over the tiles with bleach and don’t forget to clean the mirror. Open the door wide and let it ventilate for 30 minutes, you dont want the bleach smell to remain there later. Remove soap scum and mineral deposits from the tub, you may need a strong cleaning solutions to do that. If the light is cool you may want to change the bulbs, you need warmer light, that won’t kill the mood. Last but not least, bring some clean towels.


 If you played it right the bedroom will be your final destination. Sex toys, magazines should obviously not be in plain sight. This is big NO NO, if you are feeling wanton that is ok but be careful because this looks too eccentric and your date may think you are some kind of maniac. You do realize that your Date will look at your items and gather infromation so try to make a good impression. A sense of order and cleanliness is what you should be shooting for. Put your clothes back in the wardrobe then bring clean sheets and pillows.

 If you don’t have time for all this cleaning, an easier option would be to call the professional carpet cleaners. You can find many solid cleaning providers in London, just look for the old, proven carpet cleaning companies that your neighbors and friends vouch for.

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