6 Cleaning Chores We Hate… And How to Smooth Them

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Do You Hate Cleaning? Usually, housework is one of those activities that are less desirable and often postponed. Some chores are easy to complete, but others are so annoying that we postpone completing them in time until they get really stubborn, respectively, even more annoying. However, these tasks have to be done in order to achieve the comfort of a clean and tidy home. Thus, I’ve found the top 6 cleaning chores we hate and some tips on how to smooth them making the process easier and less time and effort consuming.

Very few people actually like doing the dishes, or vacuuming the floors, or dusting, or de-cluttering and so on. As a matter of fact, there are other chores that are considered as more annoying than those mentioned. And here is the list of the top 6 cleaning we hate and how to make them smoother and easier to perform.

1. Replacing or emptying the vacuum cleaner bag.

Vacuum Cleaner BagWhy does this annoy us? When the bag of the vacuum cleaner is half-full, the machine is not able to do its job as good as it should. This way part of the dirt goes back into the house and spreads around. The more full the bag gets, the less effective the vacuum cleaner gets. If the bag is not replaced or emptied on time, the engine of the vacuum cleaner may overload and burn.

Tips on smoothing. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for a minute or two and let it collect all the dirt inside the bag. Then turn the machine off the electricity. If you use disposable bags, put a piece of scotch tape on top to avoid spreading the dirt outside. If you use non-disposable bags, better perform this somewhere outside your house (the balcony or garden). Empty the bag into the trash bin, wash it well and let it dry completely. The best solution here is to buy a vacuum cleaner with water filters. The dust and dirt get caught up in the water filter not allowing them to spread around the room again. You can pour the dirty water into the toilet bowl.

2. Removing insects from lampshades.

Cleaning the LampshadesWhy does this annoy us? Lampshades usually get hot due to the heat of the lamps, and their hot surface attracts insects which get stick to it. Often, people don’t pay much attention to that and therefore insects stuck on the lampshades get more and more, until the room gets noticeably darker. And when this time comes, it’s usually too late and you will have to rub and scrub for hours to remove them.

Tips on smoothing. Turn off the lights and get a ladder. Let the lampshades be on the level of your eyes. Take off the lampshade, wash and dry them well. Soak them if necessary. Then wipe the light bulb clean using a soft cloth. Be sure that the lampshade is completely dry before putting it back on its place.

3. Caring for the ceiling fan.

Cleaning the Ceiling FanWhy does this annoy us? Dust and grime is the preferred place of the dust mite to live in. The ceiling fan is one of the neglected places, where dust usually accumulates for a long time and spreads germs around the house when is switched on.

Tips on smoothing. Place some old newspapers or old sheets under the ceiling fan to avoid the floor of getting dirty. Fill a bottle of water-vinegar solution and damp a soft or microfibre cloth with it. Get a ladder and let yourself see the top of the fan and wipe their surface clean. If your ceilings are really high, you can use one of those feather dusters with long handles. Just remember that you will have to dust more often.

4. Cleaning the rubbish bin.

Cleaning the Rubbish BinWhy does this annoy us? Disposed food and trash sometimes go out of the bin making it dirty. The dirt can be spread around your home by your pets or children. In addition, the inside of the bin is a perfect place for mould and mildew growth as well as bad smells from the food.

Tips on smoothing. Wash your rubbish bin once in a week. Better do it in the bathroom. Put on rubber gloves, spray some disinfectant inside and outside the bin and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth and rinse well. Let it dry on sunlight, as it is a natural antibacterial agent.

5. Cleaning under and behind the fridge.

Cleaning the FridgeWhy does this annoy us? The parts of the fridge, which are placed on the back of the appliance, attract dust and grime which are hard to remove. The floor under it also attracts dust and when the moisture gets high, the grime gets stick to the floor, which can turn into a permanent staining.

Tips on smoothing. Switch the fridge off the electricity and move it from its place. Don’t worry about the food inside, it won’t spoil for the time you need to clean the parts of the appliance. Use a brush to remove the dust accumulated on the parts and wipe clean the exterior with a cloth damped in soapy water. Clean the floor with water-vinegar solution, except if you have stone or ceramic floors. Use special cleaners market offers for them.

6. Cleaning the bathroom.

Cleaning the BathroomWhy does this annoy us? Soap scum and lime scale accumulates on the shower head and tiles if not cleaned regularly, which makes the cleaning later a really tough process that consumes much time and efforts. Moreover, the high moisture levels create a perfect environment for mould and mildew growth, which may cause serious health issues.

Tips on smoothing. Spray a cleaning solution and let it work for a couple of minutes. Then scrub with a brush or a sponge, paying special attention to grouts. Clean the glass surfaces and mirrors with a window cleaner or a water-vinegar solution.

My name is Lisa Header and I’m really grateful that you’ve decided to check our blog out. So, let me introduce myself shortly. I’ve used to be a professional house maid for several years before I’ve got a serious injury and had to stay at home for a while. That’s how I’ve decided to become a freelance writer to earn some money while staying at home, and a blogger - to share everything I’ve learned (and still learning) from life. I’m mostly keen on finding easy ways to do the household chores (yes, I really hate cleaning), crocheting, knitting, crafts and other DIY stuff, eco-friendly products and green living, travelling, and many, many more things. I love high places, different cultures, reading books and listening to some good music.

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