5 Cleaning Steps for People Who Hate Cleaning

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Why We Hate CleaningSo, we know the reasons for why people hate cleaning . Now, we should help them a bit in their fight with not living in a complete mess. You know, if a house is not cleaned regularly, it turns into a landfill, which leads to bacteria and microbes evolution, and which, of course, leads to health issues and contamination. Nobody can live in a dirty place, no matter how much he hates cleaning. So, how to deal with this dilemma?

I’ve tried a method I read about on the Internet with my children. And I was really surprised that it worked. The method includes some really simple steps that will make you feel a bit better when trying to clean your place. It’s all about motivation and a bit of stubbornness. So, here are the 5 cleaning steps for people who hate cleaning.

  1. Cleaners Chingford HatchSet your time limits. One of the main reasons of why we hate cleaning is because it takes so much of our precious time. Moreover, it feels like a never ending task. So, just set some time limits to get over this problem. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the amount of the job) for doing the dishes, and 5-6 minutes for dusting, and 10 minutes for vacuuming every room, etc. When you set off the timer, stick to it. This will force you to be quicker and more effective, and allow you to see exactly how much time you need for a certain task.
  2. Play some music. Playing your favourite playlist of music will cheer you up a bit and make the process smoother. Now, dance. Turn your house into a dance floor and move your body while scrubbing around. You may not believe, but Freddie Mercury’s “I Want to Break Free” is a famous vacuuming rhythm for a reason. It really cheers the mood up and makes you move and turn the whole annoying cleaning process into a funny activity.
  3. Make a list of the small jobs. I’m not talking about the cleaning list you usually make writing things like “clean the kitchen” or “clean the bathroom”. I mean a list of really small jobs. Write down “do the dishes” and “wipe the counter-tops” instead of “clean the kitchen”. It may sound annoying, but you will be impressed of how productive you will feel that way.
  4. Multitasking. Home cleaning actually allows multitasking. You can chat with your mom on the phone while dusting, or dance while vacuuming, or practice your Spanish while doing the dishes. Most of the cleaning tasks don’t require your full concentration, thus they are boring, so why not make it fun?
  5. The Reward. This can be one of the most important steps. When people get a reward after completing an unpleasant task, they feel better and motivated. So, after completing your unpleasant task, which is cleaning your place, reward yourself with a nice bath and a glass of wine, or some chocolate, or something else you like. Just a tip from me: children love sweet treats, so if you’re going to apply this method to them, better fill a locked kitchen cabinet with some candies.

As I mentioned before, it’s all about motivation and a bit of stubbornness. You don’t need to love cleaning to keep your place clean and tidy. Just think of it, you won’t need to waste money on hiring professionals on every two months. Maybe you can afford it once in awhile, when there are special discounts, but in the meanwhile you can keep your home clean on your own.

Hello, I’m Jason Harrison - a working man with a family in London. A pretty interesting thing about me is that I like the household work. Yes, I realises that I’m a guy who loves cleaning and helping my wife with the household chores. I’ve always been hating how a dirty and unorganized house looks. And definitely do not understand why the household job is only for women. Thanks for checking out the blog we’ve launched and I hope you find it interesting and educating.

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