13 Unusual Uses of Coffee

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coffee-beansWhat is the first thing that comes on your mind when somebody says “coffee“? Many will say things like “waking up“; “morning“; “black“; “refreshing” and so on. And, of course, this is for a reason. It’s really a refreshing drink that can make your grumpy morning more cheerful. And, to be honest, it’s my favourite drink. But have you ever thought about coffee as a product that can be used not only for drinking? Right, me neither. That’s why I was surprised when I found that it has more than one use for many things, like for home cleaning, for instance, or odour removal, or scrub and so on. So, I’ve collected the top 13 uses of coffee, besides just drinking it.

Face scrub, an ally in the big fight of women with cellulite, care for hair, freshener for fridges and cars… These are just a small part of all the uses of coffee in skin, hair and home care. And here are the most common ones and how to apply them.

Uses of Coffee Grounds1. Remove the smell of fish, garlic or onion from your hands. 

The smell of fish, onion or garlic stays on your hands for ages? Scrub your hands with coffee grounds after you prepared fish or sliced onions or garlic. Then, just rinse.

2. Get rid of fridge odours. 

Everybody hates the odours that show up in the fridge from time to time, because of the food stored there. It easy to remove them by placing a small plastic bowl full with ground coffee inside the refrigerator. It will absorb all the smells.

3. Clean pots, pans and barbecue. 

Suck as baking soda, coffee grounds can help you remove the food residues from pots, pans and barbecues gently, leaving no scratches behind. This is a method used by the house maids if they’re asked to use eco-friendly products.

4. Deodorizing the microwave oven. 

The microwave can smell bad as every other appliance used for preparing or storing food. You can easily deodorize it by placing a cup of water mixed with 3-4 teaspoons of ground coffee. Run the microwave for 5 minutes. Don’t drink the coffee after that, because you’re not going to like the taste. It absorbs bad smells.


5. Hide the scratches on wooden furniture. 

Mix some instant coffee with hot water, then rub the solution to the scratched areas of your wooden furniture and leave to dry. Repeat the process if needed. This works pretty good especially on dark wood.Best_Instant_Coffee_Wallpaper

6. Keep cats away from the garden. 

Cats can be a great disaster when it comes to the garden. Mix some coffee grounds with orange peels and spread it around your garden. This way no cat will think of using it as a toilet any more.

7. Get rid of ants. 

Place some coffee grounds on the areas where ants show up from and see how they stop invading your house. This method can be used to get rid of snails as well.

8. Car freshener. 

Put some coffee grounds in old tights and tie it up. Put the small bag of “freshener” inside your car and see how all kind of odours go away and your vehicle gets a nice and fresh scent. This is really effective if you smoke inside your car.

9. Shiny hair (just for brunettes). 

Boil some coffee, let it go cold, strain it and apply… no, no, don’t drink it, rinse your hair with the liquid after washing with shampoo. Then rinse with cool water. That’s it. Your hair will be shiny again. Caution: do not use this method if you’re blond, as the coffee will destroy your colour.

Coffee Grinds 210. Face scrub. 

You can remove dead skin cells from your face easily without using any expensive cosmetic peeling masks. Mix some coffee grounds with olive oil and rub the mixture to your face using circular motions. Wash with cool water. Your skin will look better than any time.

11. Face mask. 

Mix 1/4 cup of ground coffee with albumen and apply the mixture to your face. Leave the “mask” to work fro 10-15 minutes (until it’s dry) and wash with warm water.

12. Cleaning the fireplace. 

Sprinkle some damp coffee grounds on the ashes before trying to remove them. This will prevent from spreading the ash all over the house.

13. Fight with cellulite. 

Make a mixture of coffee grounds and olive oil. Apply the mixture to the “problematic” areas using circular motions, then put a wrap over them. Leave the coffee to do its job for 20-30 minutes then go and take a shower. You will see that your skin is softer, and if you do the procedure regularly, the cellulite will go away in time.

See? Coffee can be used for even more things, but it will become a really long post. And the best part of all the uses is the fact that most of them require coffee grounds, so you can make a cup of coffee and think of what can you do with the coffee grounds left, instead of throwing it away.

Common Uses of Coffee Grounds

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